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The Inverter Generator is a much-needed, fresh, and established  technology that continues to innovate the world of portable generators. This new style of generator is remarkably compact and far more long lasting than previous types of portable generators, while managing to be at least twice as efficient as its predecessors.

When using other types of conventional portable generators, you will find that there is a waste of energy occurring; machinery operates less efficiently, there is more likely to be frequent  losses of power,  the generator has to work harder while carrying a heavier load, and the loud noise created is impossible to ignore. These troubles arise because these portable generators are not an adequate match to level of power received from electricity transmission stations.


With inverter generators, effective ‘line power’ output is prioritized, and this helps to improve the efficiency of the generator. This means that the generator does not have to work as hard, and that there is less strain on the part of the generator, which will give the machine a longer and healthier life. There are other major conveniences that come along with the inverter generator, as well. They are relatively quiet, extremely fuel efficient, more simple and compact in their portability, and technology allowing parallel capability makes it so that you can use two of the same generators together at the same time with the purposes of increasing output.

With this in mind, here is a comprehensive list of five of the best inverter generators that are available on the market today…

Honda EU2000i – 1600 Watt Portable Inverter Generator (50 state model)

According to most industry professionals and experienced campers, Honda is a mighty safe bet.  This is an extremely popular model, and it is compatible and cohesive with a huge range of appliances, which makes it a wonderful choice for camping or even for portable use at home. This Honda generator is renowned for the fact that it is conveniently quiet, remarkably lightweight and moveable, and is impressively powerful while remaining fuel-efficient.


The Honda EU2000i also comes rigged up with a feature called the Eco Throttle ™, which creates the required conditions for optimal fuel efficiency and engine speed. This is achieved as the Eco Throttle™ works to regulate the engine so that it only runs as fast as needed. While utilizing the capabilities of the  Eco Throttle™, this machine will run  9.6 hours on the 1.1 gallon fuel supply.
The generator runs on 12-volt DC batteries, and you can buy a charging cord to go along with the machine. If one is not quite enough, the purchase of a parallel cable gives you the possibility of 3200 Watts by running this generator in sync with its companion kit.

At $1000, this is a relatively expensive model, but with proper care and maintenance this piece of equipment offers you a guaranteed 5000 hours (208 complete days) of highly fuel efficient work, so this is a top of the line investment that pays itself off with top quality work over a long duration of time. The generator comes with a warranty that lasts three years.


Champion 73536i – 1700 Watt Inverter Generator

This high-end, cost-effective inverter generator, put out by Champion Power Equipment, is an intelligent choice if you are looking to fill your need for a quiet, light, and powerful addition to your portable power picture for an extremely reasonable cost. This unit is made with the distinct purpose to power RV’s, campsite lights, camping supplies, or other kitchen appliances around the site. However, it is definitely not recommended for emergencies or any type of backup power in a residential environment, as it will not power sump pumps, air conditioners, or furnaces.
This portable, stackable, affordable Inverter also comes with the remarkable convenience of operating at a notably quiet level, and runs at a rate that is highly competitive with some the titans in the industry, with a recorded running time of up to 9.5 hours on a gallon (aka 1 full tank) of gasoline. The generator comes equipped with an impressively intelligent Economy Mode, which determines the amount of power required and then will automatically slow the engine down when the situation is appropriate and applicable. As electrical load is reduced the engine automatically idles lower allowing for quiet operation, extended engine life, and higher fuel economy.

This particular Champion inverter is able to produce a cool 2000 starting watts and 1700 running watts. The spatially efficient, stackable design is patented and impressive. Champion Power Equipment does not come with the same reputation or name-brand recognition as a company like Honda, but at $599.99, you can run two of these generators, due to the 73536i’s parallel capability, for a price akin to one of that of a more recognized brands. That is double the power for roughly the same price!



Yamaha EF2000iS

Japanese electronic devices are notoriously easy to use and beautifully simple in design. This fresh offering from Yamaha is no exception; their top of the line, notably fuel efficient generator has a peak wattage of 2,000 / 1,600 running wattage. The engine is able to shed heat, so that it doesn’t build up and manages to stay very cool while running.

At $990, this option is considerably more expensive than many that are produced within the United States of America, but Yamaha has a repeatedly validated reputation for being a worthwhile investment. If maintained properly, the longevity of this engine, accompanied with the incredible fuel economy, combine to make the EF2000iS worth every penny of the cost. This generator carries the rare ability to run at least twenty four hours at a full load and not show the faintest sign of slowing down or succumbing to malfunction. By industry professionals, campers, and others who have experienced this product, it is revered as being one of the most reliable generators on the market.


Features include an electrical overload breaker, which prevent the damage that can occur in many generators from unexpected electrical overload; this is a handy addition, but many owners claim that the slick power of this generator creates an experience where these overloads are very rarely threatening to occur. The engine comes to life gracefully with a gentle pull of the recoil coil cord, and runs so smoothly and quietly that many have said that it is at least twice as quiet as comparably priced generators, even at a full load. It also comes equipped with Pulse Width Modulation control inverter technology.

This is one of the most stunning, mechanically sound, and generally dependable inverter generators on the market. Consider adding this tool,  which represents the best in Japanese innovation, to your repertoire; either as a backup generator for around the house our out on the open road and into the wilderness with your camper, RV, or boat.

Generac iQ2000 – 1600 Watt Portable Inverter Generator

Generac has created a well-priced, quiet, clean, and effective competitor to market leaders with their iQ2000-model inverter power generator. At $800, this is really is an ideal generator for the average person with small electrical power needs. Generac’s iQ2000 has been third party tested and proven to be quieter than Honda, and this comparative quietness makes it the perfect companion for those who use their generators in the great outdoors and are wanting to savor the sounds of the wild. Yes, it is very quiet, reliable, and simple to operate, with a fuel economy that is truly commendable. A major factor to its convenience is that it this ultra-lightweight option weighs under fifty pounds, which makes it very portable, and a wise choice for camping or tailgating. The design was precisely engineered for the main purpose of being low maintenance and portable for travel.

This generator offers three engine speeds (Economy, Standard, and Turbo), which are easily changeable according to your needs, and make a significant impact in keeping a quiet volume and limiting the rate of burning through fuel. It has also been designed for easily accessible parallel capability, allowing one to double the power without sacrificing portability. Not only is this an innovative generator for its slick design and enviable lack of sound pollution, but those who purchase this inverter generator will also reap the benefits of a LED dashboard which is intuitive and communicative, which clearly shows important information such as remaining runtime, wattage use, and fuel level status.

This option comes with a limited three year Residential and Commercial Warranty.


Briggs & Stratton 30651 P2200 PowerSmart Series 2200-Watt Inverter Generator

This quiet and fuel efficient generator produced 2,200 starting watts and 1700 running watters. As well as being suitable for camping, tailgating, and use in the RV, it is also safe for laptop computers, TVS, and other household electronics, which is not true of all of its competitors. It is not the quietest option, but it is an effective machine for the price and it packs a lot of power. It also comes equipped with a USB port. Weighing in at about 52 pounds, this generator is designed for portability and easy transport.

This is an affordable option, priced at about $630, and is well suited for parallel capability if you would prefer to have double the power. This is quite a good deal for 4400 Watts, as a single 3000-Watt version of this same general model available for just under double the price. This model can also partner with the 3000-Watt version.

Generally speaking, this is a great option if you are conscious of how much you are spending, and will reliably provide and deliver a lot of portable power.



Yes, there are many great options for inverter generators, and these are only a few of them. Yet, there is a reason that Yamaha, Honda, Generac, and (to a lesser extent) Champion are very reliable name brands. There are inverter generators of differing qualities available to be purchased in the range of roughly $300-8000, so this article offers just a taste of some of the most popular choices that are on the market today.  In your search for portable power, these examples of fine generators will give you a good place to start.ame

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