DuroStar ds4000s Review

The DuroStar ds4000S might just prove to be your best option if you are on the lookout for a device that could keep electricity running to more devices than most in your house or workplace even during times of prolonged power cuts.

The continuous supply of energy to all the essential electronic equipment ensured by this generator can undoubtedly have a tremendous impact.

The device makes sure that none of your routine tasks is hindered or delayed because of an untimely power failure in your area.

This seven-horsepower portable generator workhorse guarantees a continuous generation of 3,300 watts with a surge of 4000 watts. Its gas tank can store an impressive amount of four gallons of gas, thanks to which it can run smoothly for eight long hours at a stretch.

Running The Generator

Since the DuroStar ds4000S runs on gas, the generator requires oil to keep it from heating up. If ever the oil runs out for any reason at any point in time, its inbuilt mechanism of automatic oil shut-off prevents its engine from building up excessive heat and burning out.

Although most generators have it, it is nevertheless is an essential feature and cannot be ignored conveniently when evaluating various generators. In the absence of such a feature, you run the safety risk of suddenly discovering that the engine of your portable generator has caught fire because it ran out of oil.

The total weight of the DuroStar ds4000S is 90 pounds; however, it does not feature wheels. An EZ-Pull recoil has been installed in it to enable a smooth start. Unlike other generators, the EZ Pull feature of the DuroStar ds4000S permits a quick and convenient way to start the generator.

Build Quality and Air Pollution

Another unique feature, when compared to other portable generators which might go unnoticed, is its good resale ability and its compliance with tough California air pollution laws.

Moreover, the equipment has been manufactured to meet or exceed all other statutory environmental standards and is approved is also by the EPA.

Regardless of where you are, the DuroStar can prove to be your most reliable standby equipment in times of crisis. Its capacity to operate efficiently for 8 hours continuously and allow users to add more gas at any time will ensure that you do not feel “powerless” ever again.

All your electronic appliances are sure to run smoothly and over time, you feel confident in its reliability.

When considering buying the ds4000S, as with all generators, be sure to read about its features and safety features in running any portable generator.

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