Before You Buy – Generator Buying Tips

Don’t forget the gasoline

Most generators run on gasoline, but some are fueled by natural gas, liquid propane, or even the sun. No matter your choice of liquid you will need something to get the generator motor moving. Your generator use will be better if you remember several little things.

Don’t forget the fuel stabilizer

You learned from the last natural disaster. You purchased enough gasoline to fuel your machine for at least a week or more. Thankfully the power returned but you’ve got a stash of gas that you’ve got no use for. A smart person would invest in fuel stabilizer. There are two different types of stabilizers.generator

One gives your car better mileage. The other type prevents corrosion. If gasoline sits for a long time it will evaporate. Using a stabilizer is also a good idea because when you add the gasoline to the generator the stabilizer will prevent deposits from forming and clogging the injectors in your brand new generator. You would hate to see your gas investment disappear into thin air. Don’t forget this important additive.

Don’t forget to buy early

Smart buyers will buy a generator in advance of any natural disaster. Some merchants unscrupulously hike up the prices of commodities that are high in demand; especially when the supply is limited. Sometimes the generators in supply are not the best deal for your money. You purchase it because you’d rather have something than nothing. Be sure to shop ahead and have the best generator that your money can buy.

Don’t forget to buy a funnel

You may not think that it is essential, but pouring your last few drops of gasoline into the generator becomes even more precarious when there’s a chance that you could spill and waste some of that precious commodity. A funnel will ensure that every drop of your gas makes it into the generator. This translates into more energy for your consumption.

generatorDon’t forget a heavy duty electric cord. If you have to plug in your machine, far away from your house, mind you, you will want to do so with a heavy duty electric cord. This type of cord is at protecting you and your machine, from the possible danger of electrocution.

Most important is the generator. You’ve invested a lot in your machine already. Be sure to get the best generator for your money.