Inverter vs Traditional Generators

There’s quite a bit of confusion on what an inverter generator vs tradition generators is. Therefore we thought we’d present 5 videos from across the web that we think best explains the difference. For those unable to view the videos we’ve also provided a transcript.   Inverter Vs Traditional Generators Videos:   1. Traditional Generator vs. Inverter Generator (From Champion Power Equipment) Transcript Champion Power … Read more

What Is The Best Generator Fuel?

Each type of fuel has its pros and cons. Most of the small home generator models get fuel from an onboard gasoline tank and therefore have a short run duration. You could be adding fuel over a long period of time depending on the extent of your utility outage. More expensive models can be hooked up to an external fuel source such as natural gas, … Read more

How To Power Your Entire Home – With a Generator

Whole house generator is designed to create sufficient backup power for your entire home should your utility power be disrupted. The unit is installed permanently on a concrete slab outside of your home and will automatically begin to generate electricity within seconds of losing normal power. These permanent backup power systems are capable of running on propane or natural gas and they are wired directly … Read more

In An Emergency… You Need Power Fast

What do you do when the lights go out and the refrigerator stops running? If you’re prepared, you roll out your portable generator and crank it up… or you sit back for a few seconds and wait until your home standby generator kicks in.  No sweat! Power failures can make you feel helpless and a little bit mad… especially when you’ve just returned from the … Read more

Choosing The Right Portable Home Generator

There are three styles of portable home generators: recreational emergency professional Since this site is devoted to home emergency generators, we will ignore any in-depth discussion of either the recreational or professional generator. Suffice it to say, the recreational is best suited for tailgating or camping and the professional grade model is designed for daily use. The portable emergency home generators typically has four basic … Read more

The Generac OHVI Engine Guide

The Generac portable and standby generators are manufactured at the Generac Power Systems, Inc. factory in Whitewater, Wisconsin. Their reputation for reliability is second to none. One reason for this is the Generac OHVI engine. Air-cooled generators come with engines that use fans to assist engine cooling. Liquid-cooled generators use enclosed radiator systems for cooling, similar to an automobile. Generally, liquid-cooled engines are used on larger KW generators due to … Read more