Inverter vs Traditional Generators

There’s quite a bit of confusion on what an inverter generator vs tradition generators is. Therefore we thought we’d present 5 videos from across the web that we think best explains the difference. For those unable to view the videos we’ve also provided a transcript.   Inverter Vs Traditional Generators Videos:   1. Traditional Generator vs. Inverter Generator (From Champion Power Equipment) Transcript Champion Power … Read more

Transfer Switches – What You Need To Know

A generator transfer switches are necessary to isolate the generator from the utility system when you install a backup generator to your home’s wiring system. Failure to properly transfer your power places you, your family and utility workers at great risk of electrocution. Transfer switches can be manual or automatic. Both portable and stationary generators may use manual transfer switch equipment. They can be very simple … Read more

Coleman Power Generators – Fact Or Fiction?

Are you interested in Coleman generators?  Well, according to search engine statistics so are thousands of other people.  It stands to reason that finding Power Generators made by Coleman should be pretty easy… right? Well, it can also be quite confusing because Coleman doesn’t make generators anymore. Several years ago, Coleman sold its generator division, which was called Coleman Powermate.  The Coleman Powermate logo is … Read more

How To Backup Your Electricity

An automatic standby generator backs up your power regardless if you are home or not. Within 10 to 20 seconds of the utility outage, it provides power directly to your home’s electrical circuit breaker box. When utility power returns, the generator turns itself off and resets for the next loss of power. It will operate on natural gas, diesel, or liquid propane gas and is … Read more

The Gas Generator Safety Tips

A backup power generator creates sparks; therefore, never operate a gas generator in areas conducive to the ignition of dust or flammable fumes. Make sure you are dressed properly to include containing long hair and avoiding loose clothing or jewelry. Never overtask your portable generator and prevent exposure to rain or wet conditions. Common sense tells you that water can induce electric shock, so stay … Read more

What Is The Best Generator Fuel?

Each type of fuel has its pros and cons. Most of the small home generator models get fuel from an onboard gasoline tank and therefore have a short run duration. You could be adding fuel over a long period of time depending on the extent of your utility outage. More expensive models can be hooked up to an external fuel source such as natural gas, … Read more

The Origin of Generators – A Brief History

There is an interesting history connected to the creation and use of generators. In 1831 Michael Faraday made what would be the predecessor to our modern generator. The rotating disk in “Faraday’s disk” proved to all that mechanical energy could be converted to magnetic energy. Although his discovery was great, the magnetic energy was unstable. Still this discovery opened the floodgates to other scientists to … Read more

How To Power Your Entire Home – With a Generator

Whole house generator is designed to create sufficient backup power for your entire home should your utility power be disrupted. The unit is installed permanently on a concrete slab outside of your home and will automatically begin to generate electricity within seconds of losing normal power. These permanent backup power systems are capable of running on propane or natural gas and they are wired directly … Read more

In An Emergency… You Need Power Fast

What do you do when the lights go out and the refrigerator stops running? If you’re prepared, you roll out your portable generator and crank it up… or you sit back for a few seconds and wait until your home standby generator kicks in.  No sweat! Power failures can make you feel helpless and a little bit mad… especially when you’ve just returned from the … Read more