Jackery Explorer Portable Solar Generators Reviewed

Portable solar generators have changed the way we roam the world. We can still have our little pleasures outdoors knowing that your devices and handy appliances can be powered and recharged. In this review, we are going to look at one such company that’s making all that possible. Jackery is an industry leader in creating green power solutions for explorers.

We’ll take a look at four of their portable solar generators under their Explorer series. When through, you’ll know what the right one for you is. Let’s first look at who Jackery is before we get started.

About Jackery

The innovation behind Jackery is to improve mobile living and outdoor life too. That way, you can have the energy and power to go where you want to be at any time. The founder was a former Apple battery engineer in Silicon Valley in 2012.

They then used their expertise in research and development and manufacturing expertise. In 2015, Jackery was the first to make a lithium portable power station, and it has since then become an industry leader in eco-friendly portable power. Their primary target market is creating solutions for explorers.

The motivation behind their outdoor products is that they understand that people are now embracing mobile lifestyles. For that reason, they need power when they go off the grid.

Over time, they have continued to innovate and improve the technology so that they can meet the needs of those who need power outdoors. Overall, you’re assured that you’re purchasing from a brand with your wandering nature in mind. They also carter for emergencies too.

Explorer 240 Portable Power Station

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240, 240Wh Backup Lithium Battery, 110V/200W Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet, Solar Generator (Solar Panel Optional) for Outdoors Camping Travel Hunting Emergency

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as of July 20, 2024 4:02 am


  • Founded in California in 2012, Jackery specializes in providing outdoor green power solutions for explorers. Jackery portable power station, power outdoors.
  • QUIET GENERATOR & ECO-FRIENDLY CLEAN POWER: Jackery Explorer 240 is equipped with a 240 watt-hour (16.8Ah, 14.4V) lithium-ion battery pack, no fuel or gasoline needed, no fumes, no clanging! Pack light for your next camp trip with Jackery portable power station.
  • OUTDOOR CAMPING BATTERY: Portable power station specially designed for charging laptops, mini-cooler, drone and other outdoor electronics. Explorer 240 features 1* AC outlet (110V 200W 400W Peak), 2* USB-A ports and 1* DC car port, power your outdoor adventure without worry.
  • SOLAR READY GENERATOR. Pairs well with Jackery Solar Saga 60W/100W (sold separately), easily get recharged with the efficient solar panel. Pure sine wave inverter portable power station, protect your sensitive devices; Jackery Portable power station with solid handle, easy to carry wherever you go.
  • PACKAGE DETAILS: You will receive 1* Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station (240Wh Portable Power Station), 1*AC Adapter, 1* car charger cable, 1* user guide.

Let’s take a deep dive into notable features.

Battery capacity:Here, we have a lithium power station at 240Wh battery capacity. It can charge and recharge devices. It is also portable, compact, and lightweight and only weighs at 6.6. lbs. You can travel with it just about anywhere. You’re assured that you’ll have reliable power for mainstream electronics along with small appliances. With Explorer 240Wh, you can take it for your outdoor recreation activities, including camping, backyard barbecue, tailgate,and emergency preparedness too.

Charging options:When it comes to the powering options, there are two USB ports, an AC outlet, and a 12V car output. If you want to power it using solar panels, then you can get the SolarSaga 60W solar panels to provide you with sustainable power source anywhere you go. That is, of course, dependent on the weather and the time of year as well. Overall, you can charge the power station for three to six months. To fully charge the Explorer 240, it takes about eight hours to charge using AC and a 12V car adaptor. If you’re using a 60W solar panel with full sun takes 10 hours.

Additional features:The generator comes with an info LCD screen that then provides you with information about the charge and discharge status. It is handy for when you want to know the power use. You can also use energy intelligently and wisely by knowing what needs powering and what can wait. It has a backlight so you can see the readings under the sun. Let’s also look at what you can charge. They include smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other small electric appliances such as mini cooler, blanket, and the works.

Making the most of power station:The Explorer 240 can power your CPAP, and that’s something to be happy about if you use them. The company suggests that you should turn off the heater or humidifier when you’re powering the CPAP machine. It’s so that the power on the generator can last longer. Even so, you want to have this handy portable power station in emergencies. It is not uncommon for emergencies to cause a power outage, and it helps to have one of these around the house as well.

Charging using an AC outlet:The AC outlet is a US standard that ensures a safe connection to your device. It is 100 percent compatible with all the small appliances that you have. You’re recommended to use with things that draw under 200W. Any US standard charger that you can get your hands on will work just fine. After six hours, the Explorer 240 will get turned off when being drawn under 10W power so that it can save power.

Protects your devices:The portable solar generator runs on pure sine wave so that your devices are protected. With clean, stable electricity that will not damage your phone, laptop, or the kind as would happen if you use a none-pure sin wave inverter. It’s something to think about when you’re getting solar generators- they should power the right kind of energy so that you have reliable energy at all times. What you get to charge is your smartphone 17+ times, your camera and drone more than 30 times and four times, respectively, and your laptop four times.

Explorer 500 Portable Power Station

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 500, 518Wh Outdoor Solar Generator Mobile Lithium Battery Pack with 110V/500W AC Outlet (Solar Panel Optional) for Road Trip Camping, Outdoor Adventure

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as of July 20, 2024 4:02 am


  • Founded in California in 2012, Jackery specializes in providing outdoor green power solutions for explorers. Jackery portable power station, power outdoors.
  • VERSATILE OUTDOOR POWER SUPPLY: featuring standard PURE SINE WAVE AC outlet this Jackery Explorer 500 portable power station provides stable power to a wide range of AC-relied devices from TVs, projectors to small blenders, a pellet smoker, etc. which rated under 500 watt(surge 1000W). Standard 12V/10A carport and 3*5V/2.4A USB ports power/charge all your car appliances and small electronic devices like car coolers, air pumps, car vacuums, laptops, phones. Enjoy a camping party like no others.
  • PORTABLE POWER STATION RECHARGED ANYWHERE: can be quickly (1)recharged under the sun with Jackery SolarSaga 100W Solar panel (Sold Separately) within 9.5 hrs (in full sun) while living outdoors; (2)recharged from a carport within 16 hrs while on-the-road/off-road (charging cable included); (3)or recharged from an AC wall outlet within 7.5 hrs (charging cable included).
  • ENJOY THE MOST OUT OF THE NATURE WITH ENDLESSLY POWER: perfect for (1) RV-ers, easily stored in RVs, trailers, enough to power a RV ceiling fan, RV lightings, all your electronics devices without all the settings; (2)Outdoor grill party, powers up a small blender, pellet smoker, small household ice shaver, projector for a nice movie & grill party during a starry summer night with friends and families.
  • SAFETY: (1)PURE SINE WAVE INVERTER ensures safely powering sensitive devices like laptops etc. without damages,meanwhile reduces audible and electrical noise; (2)BMS SYSTEM managing over-voltage protection, over-current protection, over-temperature protection, etc. safeguarding you and your devices during usage.

Let’s now look at their second largest power station.

Overall description:This Jackery Explorer 500 is a 518Wh lithium portable power station. It is considered to be one of the lightest and quite portable rechargeable generators in the market made from lithium batteries. It weighs 13.32lbs and has an easy to carry handle. You can take it when you’re going outdoors wherever you need to go. That could be during outings with family and friends, camping, backyard events such as a BBQ, and the like. Essentially, if you need to do something outside, you can take this generator with you.

Charging the Explorer 500:It is 144,400mAh and 1000W surge power from the pure-side wave AC port. The Explorer 500 has multiple output ports that you can charge your standard electronics and also small appliances. That includes phones, tablets, laptops, drones, and even mini-fridges and your CPAP. Whatever you choose to charge, you’re confident that you’ll remain connected and be able to power what you need to make your time outside more comfortable. If there’s a power outage, you can have the same luxury indoors.

This portable solar generator has three USB ports, an AC outlet, and a 12V car output. Just as the other versions in the series, you can charge the generator in three ways. Given that we are talking about solar here, you will have to purchase solar panels separately so that you can create your very own solar kit or generator. It is recommended that you get the solar panels for when you’re somewhere with no power for a longer time. You don’t have to fuss about getting a wall outlet or even using your car to recharge it.

You get to charge the generator every three to six months. The charging method is three; to charge with the AC, it will take about 7.5hours before it can fully charge and ready to use. A car will take about 16 hours. For this one, you’ll have to go with a 100W solar panel as it is more robust. It’ll take about 14 hours to fully charge the Explorer 500 when there’s full sun. Again, it’s something that you want to get when you’re going off the grid.

Additional features:Here’s an LCD screen that displays charge or discharge data, and you can also see the battery’s life status. You can charge as many devices as you can with the available ports too. Even as you do that, you’ll see the battery level and charging power. The other good thing about the Explorer series is that there’s the Battery Management System (BMS) as well as the power on/off button, so you’re assured that you are charging your devices and appliances safely. That said, it also protects from overcharging your devices, which can reduce their life span.

Something different about this series of generators is they come with a powerful built-in LED flashlight with SOS mode. Otherwise, it has the same features likean LCD screen with charge and discharge and battery life status. There’s equally a switch with indicator light for on/off output port charging. That way, you always have an idea of what’s going on with the unit. What can you charge? You can charge your smartphone more than 34 times, your camera and drone 60+ and 6+ times, respectively, and your laptop seven times.

Other Portable Power station from Jackery

Now that we’ve looked at two standard models that Jackery has from their Explorer series let’s look at two more types they have; the Explorer 160 and the Explorer 1000.

Explorer 160 Portable Power Station

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 160, 167Wh Lithium Battery Solar Generator (Solar Panel Optional) Backup Power Supply with 110V/100W(Peak 150W) AC Outlet for Outdoors Camping Fishing Emergency

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as of July 20, 2024 4:02 am


  • Founded in California in 2012, Jackery specializes in providing outdoor green power solutions for explorers. Jackery portable power station, power outdoors.
  • QUIET GENERATOR& ECO-FRIENDLY CLEAN POWER: Jackery Explorer 160 is equipped with a 167 watt-hour (46,400mah/3.6V) lithium-ion battery pack, no fuel or gasoline needed, no fumes, no clanging! Pack light for your next camp trip with Jackery portable power station.
  • OUTDOOR CAMPING BATTERY: Portable power station special designed for charging phones, tablets, laptops, gopro and other smaller electronics. Explorer 160 features 1* AC outlet (110V 100W 150W Peak), 1*USB-C port, 2* USB-A ports and 1* standard DC 12V port , power your outdoor adventure without worry.
  • SOLAR READY RECHARGING: pairs well with Jackery Solar Saga 60W/100W (sold separately), easily get recharged with efficient solar panel. Built-in led flashlight with SOS mode (long press the button) portable power station, convenient for outdoor activites; Jackery Portable power station with solid handle, easy to carry wherever you go.
  • PACKAGE DETAILS: You will receive 1* Jackery Explorer 160 Portable Power Station (167Wh Portable Power Station), 1*AC adapter, 1* car charger cable, 1*DC to car adapter cable, 1* user guide.

Here, we are going to look at the smallest power station.

Overall description:This is the smallest power that Jackery has. It the most affordable of the series as well as being lightweight. It can charge your devices using the USB Type-C, USB, and AC outlet. The power station does feature rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that provide you with 167 watt-hours of energy storage. Given that it’s the smallest they have, it’s ideal for smaller devices.

If you want to go hiking, do some outdoor photography or go for a short camping trip, then this is the power station to have. It’s also great if you’re doing something in your backyard or when you have an event, and you need something to power up your system or whatever you’re using. Not everyone needs something heavy-duty, so the Explorer 160 works amazing. What’s impressive is that this Explorer only weight 3.84lbs. You can throw that in your bag pack and head out.

Something you’ll notice is that there is an on and off switch for each output port so you can control the power output you’re getting. It’s convenient so that way you don’t waste any energy. As with the other generators, you can use an AC wall outlet, 12V port for your car, or a 60W solar panel. Even so, it’s worth noting that they don’t support pass-through charging with the carport and solar options- it’s something to consider when you’re purchasing this item.

Additional features:Afraid that you’ll get lost and can’t call for help? Well, Jackery has you covered. There is a built-in bring LED flashlight with SOS mode. We hope you never have to use it, but it’s handy for when you need to communicate, particularly in an emergency. Otherwise, should you need to know the charge and discharge status or reports on power use, you can look at the LCD screen. All you have to do is a glance at the screen, so you know what call to make.

Charging the Explorer 160:Since we’re looking at solar generators, we do have to touch a bit more on the solar powering options. You do have to purchase the 50W solar panels separately. That will take about 8-10 hours when the sun is in its full glory, so you do need some patience. If you’re in a hurry, you can plug the Explorer to the AC for five hours or for the same duration using a 12V car adaptor.

As for the safety design, this model is fitted with a Battery Management System (BMS) that offers short circuit protection. It also gives you control voltage and temperature control, so your devices are always protected no matter what you’re charging.

Looking at the size, you can only charge devices that should not be more than 100W. Even with such a smaller voltage, you can power a mini-fridge for more than three hours. The laptop won’t say on for more than two charges, but you can charge your smartphone 12+ times and a drone twice.

Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 1000, 1002Wh Solar Generator (Solar Panel Optional) with 3x110V/1000W AC Outlets, Solar Mobile Lithium Battery Pack for Outdoor RV/Van Camping, Emergency

$999.99  in stock
as of July 20, 2024 4:02 am


  • Founded in California in 2012, Jackery specializes in providing outdoor green power solutions for explorers. Jackery portable power station, power outdoors.
  • With a higher 1000W wattage and larger 1002Wh capacity, the Jackery Explorer 1000 features 3 standard PURE SINE WAVE AC outlets, which provide extra capacity to power more AC appliances simultaneously. Note that the total rated wattage should be under 1000w (surge 2000w). 2*USB-C and 1*Quick Charge 3.0 port can charge all your small digital devices like tablets and phones effectively.
  • Power your outdoor recreation time from this instant solar generator. Designed for: (1) RV-ers: With no extra setup, powers your mini space heaters, cooling fans, mini-fridges, portable ovens and coffee makers, etc. (2) Outdoor parties: Power blenders, pellet smokers, small household ice shavers, and TVs to extend your grilling and game time. (3) Home backup power: Support emergency appliances such as refrigerators, CPAP/Bi-PAP, computers, radios, and phones to help keep your life as normal.
  • Professional MPPT technology provides faster solar recharge rates. The Explorer 1000 can be quickly recharged within 8 hours by connecting two SolarSaga 100W solar panels together with an adapter cable(package included). If connecting only a single panel, the approximate recharging time is 17 hours. It is also possible to recharge from AC outlets and 12v vehicle accessory ports. Time for full recharging is approximately 7 hours from an AC outlet, or 14 hours from 12v car ports.
  • What you Can Get: 1* Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station (1002Wh Portable Power Station), 1*AC Adapter, 1* Car Charger Cable, 1*SolarSaga Parallel Adapter Cable, 1* user guide.

Lastly, we are going to look at Jackery’s largest portable solar generators.

Overall description:Part from being the biggest power station, it is also the most powerful. The capacity from the lithium battery is 1002Wh capacity and 1000W rated power with 2000W when there’s a power surge. If you need a power supply for higher and more powerful electrical appliances, then this is the generator to reach out for. It weighs 22lbs, and it comes with a carry-friendly handle that you can use to move it around.

Power capacity: There are multiple output charge and recharge ports, more than the other generators in the series. It includes two USB-C, two USB, one DC carport, and three AC outlets, all running on a pure-sine wave.

If you’re going off the grid, then you’re sorted. You can get to remain fully charged when you’re outdoors or during an emergency. Your phone, camera, computers, and other communication devices will stay on, along with a CPAP and electric grill.

The reality is that Explorer 1000 is a fantastic green outdoor power solution. You can do efficient solar charging with the MPPT built-in when you’re doing outdoor recreations. Using two SolarSaga 100W, you can charge this power station in about eight hours.

With one, it will take 17 hours. While the solar panels are not included but the machine comes with a SolarSaga parallel adapter cable. The other items that come with the device are an AC adapter, a car charger cable, and also a user guide to get you started, which is standard.

If you’re in a hurry, then you can use an AC outlet in seven hours. A carport will take a longer time with about 14 hours. It’s worth considering this latter option given that it is going to take up quite a bit of battery when you’re charging. Being outside for longer then it means it’s better to get the solar panel alternatives as it’s cleaner energy, and virtually free to use.

Home backup power supply: The Explorer 1000 is best for those concerned about a power outage. Living in a place where there is the possibility of losing power would be that much easier if you had a powerful generator that you can fall back on. You can use it for essential lighting, powering your devices, and even appliances that need to be online.

The generator is also handy in that you can charge all your batteries and be at peace about it because there isn’t the fear that you’ll be left in the dark. The other plus side is that this is not a gasoline-powered generator that makes quite a bit of noise and removes fumes that can be both annoying and dangerous.

Those looking to go out on the road can also purchase this generator. When you’re in a van or RV, it helps to know that you can get appliances that add a level of comfort working. For example, you can still enjoy the full use of your blender, pallet smoker, radio, ice shaver, and even a projector when you’re hoping to have some good home entertainment but while on the move. With such a powerful generator, you don’t have to sacrifice the ultimate experience of being on the road but still being ultra-comfortable.

Additional features: There is an LCD screen that shows the charge/discharge data and also the battery life status. The standard switch with an indicator light for on/off output port charging is also present in this device. The management system that the Explorer 1000 runs on include BMS, over-voltage protection, and short circuit protection.

What the Explorer 1000 powers: Given that this power station is heavy-duty, you’re assured that you can do a whole lot more as compared to those in the Explorer series. With the over 100 times you can charge your phone, going offline will be the least of your problems, no matter how large your family is. Anyone in photography would be content to know that their camera can get recharged 180+ times and a drone more than 17 times. A laptop can get charged 12+ times, which is pretty good given how long they tend to retain their charge.

With these next appliances, it becomes quite clear why the Explorer 1000 is quite a handy power station to have. Whether you’re at home or in the RV, you can power your TV for more than 14 hours. Remember we’d mentioned using this machine in an RV? Well, you don’t have to fear anything going bad in the car fridge, not at least for 66 hours, and by then, you’re likely to have found a way to charge the generator. If you’re all about juicing and making smoothies, which take a few minutes, it’s worth knowing you can power the blender for 13 hours.

With these charges and powering hours, it becomes clear that this machine has a lot to offer even during a blackout. It’s also great when you’re indoors too, or you’re on the road for a longer time. 1000 is best for those who require a lot of power when outdoors and don’t want to concern themselves with always charging the generator. Even so, paired with solar panels, you can still travel far and wide without a worry in the world about dead devices and appliances.

Wrap up

We have looked at four generators from the Explorer series under the brand name Jackery. They all have varying capacities, meaning that there’s something out there for anyone. Solo travelers can get the Explorer 160 so that they have something to take with them for a hike or when doing outdoor photography. You’re not limited to having full batteries to get moving.

For those looking for backup power or plan for trips, the Explorer 1000 is the way to go. You may have to spend a few hundred dollars to get the solar panels, but it’s quite worthwhile if you’re looking for a stress and care-free outdoor experience. Your fridge will be powered, and you can whip up some special meals too.

For anything in between, you have the Explorer 250 and Explorer 500 that can still meet your various needs. Whatever you choose, you’re assured that you’re dealing with a brand that has innovation and technology to back up the quality for outdoor powering solutions they bring to the market.