How To Power Your Entire Home – With a Generator

Whole house generator is designed to create sufficient backup power for your entire home should your utility power be disrupted. The unit is installed permanently on a concrete slab outside of your home and will automatically begin to generate electricity within seconds of losing normal power.


These permanent backup power systems are capable of running on propane or natural gas and they are wired directly into the household circuit panel. The best makes include Generac, Kohler Power Systems and Briggs & Stratton (EmPower™ Series) with each one utilizing a transfer switch to monitor the home’s utility power for interruption. If one is detected, the switch automatically fires up the generator and transfers the electrical loads, bringing power back to the house.

When utility power is restored, the standby power generator reverses the process by bringing normal utility power back on line when service resumes. Both actions are almost instantaneous and automatic.

In our opinion, Generac is the superior product line for whole house generators. Their recently introduced CorePower System together with their proven Guardian Series and QuietSource Series puts them heads above the competition.  Superior features like their OHVI engines… aluminum cabinet… and liquid propane to natural gas instant switching give them a distinct advantage in the standby generator marketplace.

Permanent generators can be set up to power the whole house during an outage or just the essential loads like the furnace, security systems, and various appliances. Whole house distribution naturally requires a more powerful generator, and a transfer switch that carries the same rating as the home’s main distribution panel.

Transfer switches, which are essentially special electrical panels, come in automatic and manual models. Automatic systems are more expensive, but they provide ongoing protection and reassurance for homeowners. A manual transfer switch is less expensive and requires the homeowner to power up the generator and manually switch the load to the backup system.


Stand by generators come in a wide assortment of wattage performance. Determining the size you need can sometimes be tricky, so in all probability you should turn to a professional for advice.  In point of fact, you will need this professional to ultimately install your generator system anyway.

One thing is for certain.  The whole house generator will provide sufficient power for you to keep your household running smoothly during even the most severe weather conditions.