Yamaha EF2400iSHX Review: Heavy Duty Back Up Generator


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  • High Current output — Increased motor starting capability and improved air conditioner starting. This High Current model starts most high efficiency 13,500 btu AC in temperatures up to 110° F Pulse Width Modulation — Provides power that is as clean, or cleaner than commercial power Smart Throttle feature — Adjusts the engine speed to precisely match the load
  • Oil Watch Warning system — Prevents engine damage caused by low oil, avoiding costly repairs and minimizing down time, adding customer confidence and peace of mind OHV engine — Improved efficiency, increased reliability, quieter operation Compact and lightweight — Easy portability
  • Versatile power in the silent, 2000-watt class — Will run most 13,500 btu RV air conditioners, microwave/convection ovens, or even the biggest hair blow dryer Engine speed at full load (2400 watts) is only 3400 rpm — Quiet operation Cast iron cylinder liner— Provides long engine life and consistent performance during continuous use Removable back access panel — Easy servicing
  • Fuel gauge — See fuel level at-a-glance Aluminum die cast frame— Strong yet lightweight Gasoline petcock lets you shut off the gas to run the carb dry for storage — Prevents stale gas problems 12 volt DC cable is included as standard equipment — Charge RV, ATV, motorcycle, marine, and automotive batteries
  • EPA & CARB Emission Engine Durability Rating — Yamaha generators have the longest emission engine durability ratings issued by the Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board 50 state legal — Meets emission regulations, including CARB Factory Warranty — Covers the entire generator for defects in parts and workmanship for three (3) years

Yamaha EF2400ISHX Specifications

Brand Name: Yamaha

Weight: 32kg

Dimensions: 21.9 x 20.2 x 18.7 inches

Maximum Output: 2,400 Watts

Operating Hours: 9 hours

Noise Level: 54 dBA


Most popular generators out there will be as good as the price you pay. Compared to other models available, the EF2400iSHX isn’t the least expensive, nor is it the most affordable generator either. It is somewhat in the middle of the price range for a generator of its ability. For residential use, you may not want to pay the price of this model, but it’s an excellent decision for all your generator needs.


This model is praised for a few factors, but its quietness is easily our favorite. While the power ratings are impressive for a mid-range generator, the noise levels are even more remarkable. The average noise level (at a ¼ load) is between 52-54 dBA which is ideal for anyone who likes to have their generator running for long periods of time but doesn’t like the background noise it often produces. Compared to models of a similar price, this model is easily the best when it comes to noise – or lack thereof.


The EF2400ISHX may be heavy duty, but it isn’t heavy to carry. Many people purchase a generator and store it away for when they need it; depending on how you’re going to use it, you’ll need something portable. The problem with more affordable generators is that they will often be heavier than higher end options.

We love that this Yamaha model is just the right weight for almost anyone to lift. The size of the generator is a little bigger than you would typically expect due to the larger engine size, but this really only contributes to the physical size. When considering it produces 2000 watts continuously, the weight and size are average for the output. It also has a comfortable grip handles for easy portability and storage.


The fact that this generator is fuel efficient may make you think that its abilities are lacking. Yet, the power on this Yamaha couldn’t be any better considering its price and size. Many people upgrade to the EF2400ISHX just because it has a higher wattage output compared to other models. The maximum watt output is 2,400 (with other models of a similar price and size being around 1,800W to 2,000W), and continuous use of the generator will produce around 2,000W, which is powerful!

Run Time

With a six-liter fuel tank and a fuel-efficient engine, you will be impressed with the running time of this generator. Typically, a generator of this price would be able to run for 6 hours. Working on a quarter load, the Yamaha EF2400ISHX can run for up to nine hours. This is above average for a mid-range priced generator. It has an automatic eco throttle which can rev up the load without any hassle or stress. Luckily, this also means you don’t have to worry about running flat out all the time either.

Ease of Use

The EF2400ISHX has a recoil feature start and a fuel gauge so you can quickly check the fuel levels. This is handy if you aren’t clued up on the latest technology and need guidance on when to refuel. This is especially useful for people who may run the generator for long hours when camping or during a severe storm.

When deciding on a generator, it’s good to consider the cleaning process. The EF2400ISHX doesn’t typically need to be cleaned unless it has been outside for an extended amount of time. In this case, you may want to wipe it carefully with a product that will not affect the power or electrical inputs. Be aware when handling water or other liquids around the generator as it can be potentially dangerous.

Brand Reputation

Brand reputation is key if you want an item you know you’ll love for a long time. Yamaha is a highly thought of brand around the world. It originated in Japan, has products in the technology and electronic industries and has been listed in rankings for one of the best and most reputable brands since it was founded over a century ago (in 1887!). It is a multinational corporation with roots all over which means by purchasing this generator – there should not be any risks in terms of having a reliable item. If you do have any issues with the generator, Yamaha has reputable warranty and replacement services.

The brand has won various awards and has been ranked as one of the best companies in the world including:

  • 24th position in Japan’s best global brands (2013)
  • 68th position in the top-100 most powerful brands (2014)
  • 33rd position in the global reptrak 100 ranking (2016).

It’s almost guaranteed you won’t be disappointed when purchasing something from them, no matter what it is.

After Sales Support

Since Yamaha is a global brand with multiple sister companies, you need to ensure if you wish to get after sales support you contact the correct department. To make your request, you should either contact Yamaha on their telephone number, website, or social networking sites for a smoother inquiry. There are virtually no bad complaints about the global after-sales service that Yamaha provide which is very remarkable considering the size of the corporation.

Summary of Online Reviews

The Yamaha EF2400ISHX model is very popular, which means there are many online reviews. Here’s what some purchasers had to say.

A 5-star reviewer who has owned the generator for a few years said the model changed their life. The long-term tester gives the generator a positive review stating: “This generator is probably run much harder than you will ever run it. It is used at the dunes (near Death Valley) and various dry lake beds, forests, deserts, etc. We are into off-road racing. It has been used in dust storms, sandstorms, rain storms, and snow storms. Always starts first pull and has never had any extra maintenance besides that stated in the owner’s manual.”

After years of using the EF2400ISHX generator, one customer wrote: “We still have the Yamaha generator and after three years of very hard use it runs like a top. Sometimes on hot summer days when parked where there is no power the Yamaha runs all day and all night and never misses a beat.”

However, among the overwhelmingly positive reviews on Amazon, there are some negative ones: “Spend more time fixing than using…. carb system terrible. Extremely temperamental. Constantly cleaning and adjusting carb system.”

Overall, most reviewers cite positive experiences with the EF2400ISHX.


The Yamaha EF2400ISHX is a high-quality generator with cleaner electricity than other competing models. It combines powerful outputs and portability with a top inverter system allowing you to power delicate machinery. We still can’t decide what we love more, the ergonomic and user-friendly design for ultimate comfort or the exclusive multipole alternator which have a great power-to-weight ratio for total fuel economy. It’s also backed by a 2-year warranty.

The noise reduction technologies ensure the quietest operation possible since the generator features a sound-blocking design and noise absorbing glass wool construction. While it may not be the most affordable generator on the market, there are plenty of customer reviews stating that the generator lasts for over five years, making it a quality purchase. We recommend the EF2400ISHX to anyone looking for a good quality, long-term generator.